A Change will Do YOU GOOD!!!’ -Sheryl Crow

Miss Crow knows EXACTLY what’s she’s saying in that song, because it completely resonates with me in this new cycle in my life:  I was toiling & souling my life away at a corporate job.  The money was great, the exposure was phenomenal…but at what cost?


I started to get burned out.  I started to zone out (which is worse) until I  cried out to God so he could direct me towards my purpose.  He led me to re-discover my passion: which has always been fashion, art, & dance.  So I took a chance & walked away from my $45k job to pursue my career.  I gave my two weeks & two fangaz to do what. I. LOVE.  Since then, I couldn’t feel more refreshed.  Just like myself…Detroit has undergone change for the better, including the Detroit Q-Line which myself & my fave photog rode FOR FREE (until June 30)!!

To all those stuck in a rut…take a risk, make a change, & BREAK AWAY (by the amazing Kelly Clarkson).


Top: Forever 21 | Tribal Printed Pants: H&M | Clutch: Cameo De Bore | Sunnies: Forever 21 | Sandals: Target |Photography: Jerome Pack


Welcome Back…*Cue Jay-Z “Encore”



Hello All!  Welcome to Unapologetically Chic!  I’m elated to be back fully blogging (been on hiatus since 2010) & will later create a Youtube so EVERYONE can have in sight on all things, chic & beautiful…UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Me?  I’m just an Afro-Latina outta St. Louis whose blessed to be a honorary Detroit Girl.
I shot these pics in front of the GORGEOUS wall of Museum of Comtemporary Art Detroit (or MOCAD) & the haunting walls of The Detroit Institute of Arts!  It was BLISTERING COLD…but shooting with my wonderful Fraternity Brother made it more fun!